I've moved on -- but I'm also filled with appreciation for the thousands of industry and government employees as well as associations like IAC and AFFIRM that I have had the honor of working with over the last 46 years.
My post-retirement activities are being informed by this statement: Write, speak and play harmonica to inspire and give hope to others (and spoil our grandkids).
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Once upon a time, I was an engineer, then an industry executive, the founder of Celerity Works (1999), one of the co-founders of GOVPROP.com, and an adjunct professor. Now I continue to explore leadership and daily life from a Buddhist perspective and conduct motivational workshops for students. I also appreciate the opportunity to share my 47 year practice of Nichiren Buddhism with members of other faith traditions especially as it relates to creating hope in trying times.

​I have written hundreds of magazine articles and blogs on a variety of business and Buddhist related topics. I am also the author of Romancing the Buddha which I adapted into a successful one-man show.