While I've moved, I'm leaving the Celerity Works web site up for anyone who would like to learn more about doing business with the government. Explore the blog, webinars and presentations.

Meanwhile, my post-retirement activities are being informed by this statement: Write, speak and play harmonica to inspire and give hope to others (and spoil our grandkids).

Check out my brand new gluten-free website by clicking on main image above.

Once upon a time, I was an engineer, then an industry executive, the founder of this web site and consulting business, Celerity Works (1999), one of the co-founders of GOVPROP.com, and an adjunct professor. Now I continue to write and speak about finding hope and being more enlightened leaders and students.

​I have written hundreds of magazine articles and am also the author of Romancing the Buddha (3rd edition on amazon.com) which I adapted into a successful one-man show. Click on the main image above to learn more about these endeavors.